Crowns Performance Honors UQs - January 6, 2005

January 6, 2005 was Uncrowned Queens Night at the Studio Arena Theatre. Friends of the Institute attended this special night and contributed to a fundraiser to benefit the Institute's programs.

Thanks to all who joined us. In addition to enjoying a splendid performance of the award-winning musical CROWNS, many of the ?crowned? Queens were in the audience and received a resounding round of applause as Ken Neufeld, Studio Arena?s executive director, introduced them. The fund-raiser helped to raise nearly a thousand dollars for the Institute.  We are most appreciative.

The foot-stomping, song fest of Crowns moves next to the Geva Theatre in Rochester, New York. On February 19, 2005, Uncrowned Queens will open a new exhibit of African American women in their hats at the opening of "Crowns." Queens from the Rochester area are readying their "hats" for a new Uncrowned Queens exhibit to be unveiled at the opening of the play. The excitement is palatable.  A reception and meeting with the cast will also follow.  Photos of the Rochester Queens will appear in the playbill and the exhibit will remain for the duration of the show.  It is anticipated that Uncrowned Queens in the first exhibit will join their sisters in the Rochester exhibit and join hands as we continue to celebration Uncrowned Queens across the region and the State.