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Samuel McTyeire

Born on 9-16-1895. He was born in Carbondale, IL. He was accomplished in the area of Labor. He later died on 9-11-1965.
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Samuel McTyeire was born in Carbondale, Illinois. His parents were London M. and Sarah Green McTyeire. McTyeire had the distinction of being the first Black fireman in Buffalo. He was appointed to the Fire Department in 1929. An interesting piece of trivia is that McTyeire's salary in 1936 was $1,935 which seems like a great wage for the period. Before being hired with the Fire Department, McTyeire worked as an auto mechanic. He was a member of the Paramount Lodge and served as the choir director at the Michigan Street Baptist Church.

He was married to Myrtle, who was born circa 1901 and died on October 16, 1980. The couple had one son, Curtyss.

Little information can be found about his other activities or how long he remained in the Fire Department. He is buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, NY.