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Lois Grant

Born on 2-7-1941. She was born in Anniston, AL.
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Lois Grant is an exceptional woman. She was born in Anniston, Alabama on February 7, 1941. Having been raised by a family member other than her own mother she knows the value of maintaining a strong family unit. As a single head of household, Lois raised three children of her own: Rethea, Marsha and Erin. She supported her children working as a nurseââ?¬â?¢s aide and housekeeper at the Erie County Medical Center. She was barely ten years shy of retirement when it became necessary for her to take on guardianship of her grandson, Robert. Within a few years Lois also took on the responsibility of raising her granddaughter, Stacey. Though she had not been able to go beyond the eleventh grade, Lois retired and dedicated herself to making the sacrifices necessary for her granddaughter to have the best education available and achieve academic excellence.

Whether it was traveling by bus to take Stacey to theater class, basketball practice or Church activities, Lois made sure that her granddaughter stayed focused on positive outcomes and too busy to find trouble, or vice versa. Loisââ?¬â?¢ belief in God has given her the strength and the will to rise above the struggle, citing the song Precious Lord, Take My Hand as a favorite throughout her life. Stacey credits Lois with keeping her on the path to becoming an independent, spirited and successful young lady. The straight ââ?¬Å?Aââ?¬ student not only views her grandmother as a role model and mother figure, but also a close friend.

Lois Grant is a member of Calvary C. M. E. Church at Ellicott and Dodge Streets in Buffalo, NY. Her volunteer activities at the church and in community cultural agencies are very important to her.