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Dwight Hayes

He later died on 11-22-2002.
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My uncle Dwight Hayes was a coach for our youth football team, the Buffalo Vets. Mr. Hayes stayed devoted to his football team and still took good care of his family. He balanced the two. The field he coached on was the Manhattan Park field, home of the Buffalo Vets. My uncle was the most devoted coach on that field. The organization was so impressed with his coaching they made him president of the organization.

My uncle, Dwight Hayes passed away November 22, 2002. They held his funeral Wednesday, the 27th of November in 2002, it Bay Spring Church of God of Prophecy. The church overflowed with all kinds of people. Everyone was standing shoulder to shoulder. My uncle used to get his young athletes at a young age to keep them out of the streets and show them the meaning of hard work, goals to reach, and just plain fun. He instituted a developmental program and began teaching them the basics when they were 5 years old. In his own words,, ââ?¬Å?the earlier they received structure and reassurance, the more likely they'd be to embrace the program. It made him happy knowing the kids will be limited there from getting into trouble, ââ?¬Å?said his wife of 27 years. (my aunt). He just loved those kids and those kids loved him. He did everything he could to encourage them to do the right thing.ââ?¬ My uncle put in years of his life putting faith to teach and guide and enrich the communities by helping shape young lives. My uncle also contributed to the Buffalo News. He was a photoengraver. They said he was easy going, quick to smile, and his enthusiasm was infectious, and I agree. Once there was a time when the Vets talked of moving their home field but my uncle changed their mind. He told them just look at the tradition, the history, he would tell them these kids are playing on the same field as their fathers, and grandfathers. He changed their mind. That's why I say my uncle, Dwight Hayes is the uncrowned king of 2008.

3rd Place ââ?¬â?? Grades 10-12
Delicia Jones
Grade 12, McKinley High School