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Dalphne Coleman

She was born in Winston-Salem, NC.
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Rev. Dalphne Coleman was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina . Her mother was unmarried and was 15 when Daphne e was born. Her birth record lists her father as unknown. During this time in her life Daphne's her mother worked in a factory and left North Carolina in search of a job when she was eight. This was a very traumatic time as Dalphne was left in the care of a great-grandmother who abused alcohol. At fifteen she left North Carolina to live with her mother and her family in Buffalo , New York . After a turbulent few years, she dropped out of school and , got married at 16 . Within two years, Daphne became the mother of a nd had two children in two years . After several jobs, she obtained her high school diploma. In 1971 she received acquired an associate degree in nursing from Erie Community College . This was a crucial event in her life. Because of past experiences with alcoholism in her family Daphne she became an alcohol and substance abuse counselor in 1991. She also sought more education at Buffalo State College.

In 1994 , Daphne took after takin g two non-credits Bible course with a program associated with Colgate Rochester Divinity School . Soon after she , she began more formalized study of theology, taking religious courses at Buffalo State College. One of her professors encouraged her to attend Christ the King Seminary where she took fundamental courses to be used toward her Master of Divinity degree. In 1998, she She next considered enrollment in the attended Christ the King Seminary and lat er Colgate-Rochester Divinity School in 1998 . After being begin told by the minister of her church that he would not recommend her for attendance at the divinity school because he did not believe in the ordination of women, she left that church and found a church leadership that could support her ministry wishes . She applied for the sought admission and enrolled in Colgate Rochester Divinity School .

She was ordained American Baptist Clergy to the ministry of Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy, June 1, 2000. She acquired a Master of Divinity from Colgate Rochester Divinity School ; Masters of Art Pastoral Ministry from Christ the King Seminary; Bachelor of Science from State University at Buffalo and an A a ssociates of Science in Nursing at Erie Community College.

Rev. Coleman has worked with numerous ministry groups to serve her community. These include the American Baptist Churches New York State Board of Ministry; the Niagara Area Baptist Association; the Academic Mastery Center and others. She is currently the Executive Director of Love U.N.A.T.S. Ministries (Love Thy Neighbor as Thy Self). This ministry reaches out to the community in numerous ways. For example it included activities for empowerment for high school drop outs; stress/violence reduction groups for all ages; public health information; support for grandparents raising children. The ministry celebrated its fifth anniversary in 2005. Other activities of the ministry include Solomon's Place, an after school program tutoring children from 4 th grade through 12 th grade; and consultation to individuals and groups.

Rev Coleman is currently part of the ministerial/pastoral staff of the St. John Baptist Church . In this position she supports the pastor by preaching on a rotating schedule with rotating other ministers on the staff ; attending outside meetings; visiting the sick on a monthly basis and upon request and other supportive activities functions as needed.