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Edeston Vincent Leslie

Born on 5-26-1924. He was born in Westmorland, Jamaica. He was accomplished in the area of Community. He later died on 5-30-2024.
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Edeston Vincent Leslie was born on May 26, 1924, in the parish of Westmorland in the Haddo section of Jamaica West Indies. He grew up in the country, born to Iris Malcolm, and was raised where he loved to play among the mango trees with dear cousins. Climbing the trees for ripe fruit was one of their favorite childhood activities.

As a young man, Edeston ventured on a recruitment program to work for Unite Motors in the capital of Kingston Jamaica from 1946 to 1948 after which he immigrated to the United States. Edeston worked several jobs to establish himself as a Jamaican immigrant in different northern and southern states, including Ohio and New York State before settling in Buffalo, New York.

In 1957 he met the late Viola Brown whom he married in 1958. They had four children, Judith, Janis, June, and Earl. Edeston is proud of his children, including Michael from a previous relationship. These children have produced many grandchildren and great-grandchildren that he is blessed to know at the age of 100.

Edeston, also known as E.V., is a lifelong member of St. Philip's Episcopal Church and has served in several capacities, most notably as a member and president of the Senior Choir and lay eucharistic minister to the sick and shut-in.

Edeston served as umpire and president of the Wanderer's Cricket Cub, president of the Caribbean Club of Buffalo, co-founder of the Fernhill Block Club, and member of the Buffalo Board of Realtors from 1956 to 1990. Edeston was employed for 25 years at American Standard before taking on another 10 years of work at Union Carbide before his retirement.

As we journey through the rich highlights of the life of Mr. Edeston V. Leslie, let's count the blessings we've received by knowing him as friends church family members, sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, and grands. We know that tomorrow is promised to no one and that we must cherish the time we have. Edeston has taught us how to cherish that time, how to spend it wisely, and how to make a difference in the lives we touch.

We thank God for His presence and do not take one minute of time spent with him for granted. We give all the glory to God for his good and faithful servant, Mr. Edeston V. Leslie.