Introduction of History Section of Uncrowned Community Builders

The Uncrowned Queens Institute for Research and Education on Women acknowledges the lives of African-American men and women whose contributions and accomplishments, mostly undocumented, were instrumental in building a vital community. Our history section focuses on providing researched articles that unearth and delineate untold or forgotten stories contributing to regional African American history. In certain instances this research also sets the record straight, such as in the instance of authenticating the events and decisions that led to setting the meeting of the Niagara Movement in Fort Erie, Canada.


Niagara Movement

Pan American Exhibition of 1901

Other Topics

The "Esquimaux Village" at the Pan American Exposition

The Phyllis Wheatley Club of Buffalo, New York

Uncrowned Queens Oral History Project

The purpose of this project is to capture the oral histories of African American women, in their 70's and 80's, preserving the collection and making the interviews accessible from a dynamic web exhibition - the first online, audio-visual, digital techno-pedia.

The project began with the interview of Uncrowned Queens Gwendolyn Greene followed by Eva Noles. The project created a multi-media online exhibit accessible as links from both the University Archives the Uncrowned Queens Digital History Project at:

http://catalog.lib.buffalo.edu/vufind/Record/001770172 website and the Uncrowned Community Builders web page. The website's components will include edited versions of the interviews, interactive study questions for educators and students, and a dynamic virtual guest book feature where visitors to the exhibit can add a response to the exhibit.