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Bertha Hall Amos

Born on 10-5-1903. She was born in Moundville, AL.
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Bertha Hall Amos was born on October 5, 1903. She was the eldest of three children born to Washington and Lula Green Hall in Moundville, Alabama. Bertha Hall met and married Harrison Amos in 1921. After he secured employment at the Bethlehem Steel Plant, Bertha and the children left Alabama and relocated to Lackawanna in 1926.

The mother of four sons, Archie, Harold, Benjamin and Eli Fletcher, whom she adopted, Mrs. Amos was a pioneer. She was a courageous and God fearing woman who was not only a wife and mother but also a pastor, licensed practical nurse, storekeeper and beautician.

While a member of Second Baptist Church in Lackawanna, she was called to the ministry. During this period, women preachers received little respect and even less recognition. Nonetheless in the 50's, led by the Holy Spirit and the desire to preach from her own pulpit, she purchased the land and built the Pentecostal Faith Baptist Rescue Mission at 64 Steelawanna Avenue. There Pastor Amos preached the unadulterated gospel, married, buried and baptized members of her flock. She served as a pastor at Pentecostal Faith until her health began to fail.

A missionary whose faith was in her work, Pastor Amos was inspired to open a home for the elderly at 818 Humboldt Parkway in Buffalo. Here she cared for the elderly and sick for many years in addition to regularly visiting hospitals and nursing homes. Her work as a woman of God was known and recognized throughout the Western New York area.

Currently she resides in the Episcopal Nursing Home where she continues to minister to others. She characterizes her relationship with the other residents, "These people need me. I brought life to this place." Indeed she does.