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Tommie Babbs

He was born in Wrightsville, GA. He is accomplished in the area of Religion.
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Rev. Tommie Babbs comes to us from Buffalo New York via Vero Beach, Florida. Born in Wrightsville, Georgia his parents moved to Florida when he was six months old. He grew up in New Prospect Missionary Baptist Church. In addition, at age 10 he received the Holy Spirit and was baptized by the late Reverend R.H. Pittman Pastor. He begins singing in the choir with his mother the late Mrs. Lucille Hammnons.

After completing a year at the Educational Opportunity Program in down town Buffalo, NY, Rev. Babbs graduated from the State University College at Buffalo in 1981. He received a Bachelors of Arts degree in Journalism Broadcasting and Speech Communications. He also received a Masters of Science degree, in Student Personnel Administration one year later.

Elected to a number of leadership positions while a student at Buffalo State College, his tenure included being the first black student elected president of the Untied Students Government Services Group, Inc. This organization is responsible for over seeing 25 student organizations and millions of dollars in capital resources.

Reverend Babbs continued his education by attending Colgate, Rochester Divinity School in Rochester, NY graduating with a diploma in biblical studies. He graduated on May 12, 2006 from Christ the King Seminary, in East Aurora, NY with a Master of Arts degree in Pastoral Ministry.

Reverend Babbs was Associate Minster of the Gethsemane Missionary Baptist Church, in Buffalo, where he had been preaching, teaching the gospel and conducting a street prayer ministry, under the leadership of the Rev. Dr. Herbert Vincent Reid for the past 22 years.

Rev. Babbsââ?¬â?¢ currently serves as the Secretary of the Baptist Ministerââ?¬â?¢s Conference, of Western, NY and Vicinity where the Rev. James C. Blackburn is President. He is now Pastor of Thankful Missionary Baptist Church, 197 Sumner Place, Buffalo, NY. He established a prayer station ministry that goes all over the city in the summer giving people hope and ministering to their needs through prayer. He is renovating a recreational facility to give community youth a place to learn and grow together through organized sports.

Presently Rev. Babbs is also a Senior Academic Advisor for State University of New York at Buffalo where he works with undergraduate students who are ââ?¬Å?at riskââ?¬ of dropping out of school. Recently Rev. Babbs retired from the United States Air Force as a Master Sergeant after 31 years of service, receiving the prestigious Meritorious Service Medal.

He is married to his wonderful wife Gloria and together they have two children Tommie Babbs, II and Krystle.