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Thelma Belcher Barnes

Born on 5-11-1925. She was born in Calhoun Falls, SC. She later died on 11-3-2012.
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Thelma Barnes was born on May 11, 1925 in Calhoun Falls, South Carolina. Her parents were Coleman and Georgie Lee Belcher.

She attended school in her home town and moved to Buffalo in 1943. As a young woman she was employed by Twin Industries and Western Electric. Even though she worked full time for many years, her heart and soul were always with her church and her family.

In Calhoun Falls, she attended services at Mt. Olive Church of God and Holiness with her family. On March 1, 1987 she was accepted into membership at Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of Reverend Joe L. Fisher. Thelma acknowledged no other true foundation but the Holy Scripture and she was proud to be one of the first to attend orientation classes at Pleasant Grove with Reverend Fisher. As a member she faithful served with the Missionary and Nurses' Ministries and later as a Mother of the church.

Along with her commitment to the church, Thelma was devoted to her family and friends. Her door was always open to anyone. She prepared countless meals and desserts for several generations of family, church members and friends. Thelma loved to knit hats, scarves dish cloths and afghans which she graciously gave as gifts. One of her favorite activities was knitting hats for premature babies in Africa. She worked as a volunteer knitting instructor for the Ellicott Masten YMCA Seniors. As a member of the Seniors, she swam regularly and participated in exercise classes.

Thelma enjoyed traveling. Her last trip was in August 2012 when she attended the Foote family reunion in Los Angeles.

Thelma was married to James Barnes, who preceded her in death. Her children are John Shavers, MD, Patricia Guthrie, PhD and Essie Herring. She also has grandchildren, R. Daniel Herring, John Malcolm Shavers, Mark Shavers, Jefferson D. Herring, MD and four great grandchildren.