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Stephanie McLean Beathley

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My Mother is An Uncrowned Queen. I know that every kid will be writing about his or her mother. I don't know how to make my mother sound more special than she is, but she is very special to me.

My mom was born Stephanie Elaine McLean and later got married and changed her name to Stephanie McLean Beathley. Long before she married my dad, she got her Master Degree in Social Work from UB. When she was at UB, she won the Hazeltine T. Clements Award for Excellence in the Field of Education.

Ever since I was a little boy, I can always remember my mom helping other people. She says that God requires us to help others and to share our knowledge. Maybe that is why she became a Social Worker to help other people. Right now, she works for the Western New York Children's Psychiatric Center helping kids with mental illness and their families. One of the things she does at work is train parents using a program called Common Sense Parenting. She teaches Common Sense Parenting all over Western New York, because sometimes I travel with her to places like Randolph, Cuba, and Lockport. Sometimes, people have to take her class to get out of trouble with Child Protective Services for being mean to their children. One time, Mommy said that she trained over 500 people in one year. She was teaching people to respect each other as a Diversity Trainer and teaches about Sexual Harassment.

My mom also helps out at the Greater Niagara Frontier Council, Boy Scouts of America. She is a district commissioner in charge of training leaders in the city. My mom became involved in Boy Scouts, because of my brother and me. She has won many awards like the District Award of Merit and the national volunteer award called the Silver Beaver. I think her nickname should be Ms. Boy Scout. Also, my mom thinks healthcare is important. She is an original board member of the Univera Community Health Program which helps poor parents get medical care for their families. Mom does not want people to suffer if they need a doctor, especially kids.

Also, she is always doing something at our church - New Mount Ararat Temple of Prayer. Our church is doing great things, especially the outreach ministry which my Mom is working with. Plus, people are always stopping her and asking her for advice or to write a letter for them. She never says no, but willing offers assistance and never gets a dime for her services.

But most important, she is my mom. I know that she works very hard to provide the things that I need and some of what I want. My mom may not be in the newspapers or on television, but she represents hard work and devotion to her family and many other women do these things everyday. This is why my mom is an uncrowned queen and leader of my village.

1st Place ââ?¬â?? Grades 4-6
Brice P. Beathley
grade 6, Martin Luther King Multicultural Institute