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Samuel Molson

Born on 10-28-1810. He was born in York, Pennsylvania. He later died on 3-14-1875.
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Samuel D. Molson was born on October 28, 1810 in York, Pennsylvania. His parents were Samuel and Mary Ann (Anderson) Molson. His siblings were George, Sally, William, John, James, Mary Ann (Molson) Deputie, Robert and David W. Samuel married Maria Couper and together they had three children, Hannibal C., Edward Banks, Sr. and Ellen Molson. Samuel was a plumber by trade and a minister by calling. He was active in the civil rights movement of his time and served as vice president and secretary of the Equal Rights League. He was a steward of the A.M.E. church and donated land to the church. He was a property owner, who owned as many as six houses between 1850 and 1875.

At his death, on March 14, 1875 of pneumonia, the Lewiston (Pennsylvania) Gazette wrote:

â??The colored population of Lewistown, and indeed the State, have lost a valuable leader in the death of Samuel D. Molson, of this place, which occurred on Sunday evening last. He was a man of more than ordinary intelligence, was a Mason in good standing and Steward of the A.M.E. Church for many years, and by his general conduct and courteous demeanor had secured the esteem of all classes. He has been a resident here for more than 50 years.â?

Molson was 64 years old at the time of his death.