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Marie Walker Bush

Born on 12-7-1940. She was born in Weleekta, OK.
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Marie Frances Walker Bush was born on December 7, 1940, in Weleekta, Oklahoma, to Ollie and Kathryn Walker and is the oldest of ten children. She married Frank Wesley Bush Sr. She has two children and two grandchildren.

She attended Clearview Public School and graduated in 1958. She attended Langston University for two years and started working at Weleetka Hospital. While working at the hospital, Marie started in nursing and attended nursing school in 1974. She completed her degree and began working at Okfuskee County Hospital. After working at this hospital, she attended East Central University in Ada three days a week. She graduated with a B. A. Degree in Sociology and Rehabilitation. Marie continued her education and in 1997, she graduated with a degree in Education of Religion from Bacone College in Muskogee.

Marie worked for the State Institution for Boys in Boley, Oklahoma, for several years. She worked with the boys as a Juvenile Counselor. When the institution was turned into a state prison, Marie went into training to work in the prison. She took courses in Social Behavior and Counseling. Later she was promoted to Sergeant.

In the 1980's Marie began writing articles for the Clearview News Section of the Weleetkan Newspaper. This section provides people who have moved from Clearview and others who receive the Weleetkan to stay in touch with the news in Clearview.

In 1980, she was elected as Mayor of Clearview. She also re-incorporated the Town of Clearview. Marie was Mayor of Clearview for 18 years and the first Black female mayor of Clearview. Being a person that believes in making a contribution to the community, Marie helped make the Town of Clearview one of the historical black towns in Oklahoma. In 1969, Clearview Schools closed and the children of Clearview were bused to Weleetka Public Schools.

While as Mayor, Marie used the school gym, which is now the Clearview Community Center, to hold the town meetings. She later received grants to have a community building built and most of the streets paved. The Community Center is used for family reunions, funerals, family parties, school reunions and other events. The community building is now where the town meetings are held. Itââ?¬â?¢s also used for parties, family reunions, church events and other events.

In 1980, the Alford family organized an all Black Rodeo. It was the start of something big for Clearview. And now, Clearview Rodeo is the third largest Black Rodeo in Oklahoma. Ms. Bush has also assisted with publicity activities for the rodeo since its beginning.

Ms. Bush has served on numerous boards. She served on the Ladies Industrial Club, Ladies Auxiliary Club, Veteranââ?¬â?¢s Ladies Club, Ladies Beautification Club, C.H.A.R.M.E.D. and the Clearview Community Improvement Corporation (CCIC) Organization. Sheââ?¬â?¢s also president of the Clearview Cemetery Board.

Ms. Bush is also a member of many clubs and organizations like the NAACP, Oklahoma and National Conference of Black Mayors, Southern Poverty Law Center, AARP Organization, and Clearview School Alumni. Sheââ?¬â?¢s also a member of the Church of the Living God and serves as Deaconess, Superintendent, Secretary and Church Clerk. Sheââ?¬â?¢s also president of the Mission Church Program.