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Maggie Martin Sneed L.P.N.

She was born in Tuscaloosa, AL. She is accomplished in the area of Healthcare.
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Maggie Sneed was born in Tuscaloosa, AL to Frank and Pinkie Martin, The oldest of five children, she learned at an early age what is was like service others by helping her parents tend to her siblings, or being available in whatever she was told. At the age of 11, a seed was planted into the heart of Maggie after she attended a school field trip to The Tuskegee School of Nursing, and it was at this time that she knew that she too wanted to be able care for the sick and wounded by becoming a nurse.

Maggie would have to put her dreams on hold, as her family relocated to Niagara Falls NY. It was not until she graduated from high school, married the love of her life, and raised her family that she enrolled in the Adult Education Program at Trott Vocational High School, earning a Licensed Practical Nurse Certification.

Maggie was employed at Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center as a Licensed Practical Nurse for over 30 years, during an era of white nursing caps, starched uniforms, and polished shoes. Maggie took pride in her position, upholding the standards of nursing by delivering exemplary care, and was awarded employee of the month. She was also recognized by The Black Achievers Organization as an Honoree from Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center for her dedicated service. During the time when nursing was transitioning to wearing medical scrubs and sneakers, Maggie continued to uphold traditional attire as she took pride in what it represented. Maggie was revered throughout the community as one of the best nurses in the area, where her name continues to echo throughout the halls of the hospital and beyond.

Maggie has been an upstanding long time member of New Hope Baptist Church for the past 74 years. During which, she worked diligently on the Hospitality Committee where she served for many years, and continues to serves as a deaconess emeritus.

In past, Maggie enjoyed gardening, catering banquets and weddings, attending tea parties, and collecting fine china and hats. Today, Maggie resides at home with her grandson Jermaine, enjoys reading, and spending time with her treasured grandchildren.