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Leona Hubbard Butler

Born on 4-7-1941. She was born in Cleveland, OH. She is accomplished in the area of Religion.
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Leona Hubbard Butler was nominated to become an Uncrowned Queen by Dr. Gwen Jarvis, Uncrowned Queen.

On Sunday, April 30, 2017 10:00 AM we will be conferring her for her order of continued business with the AME Connectional Church. Our church is The St. James AME Church - 8401 Cedar Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44103.

Leona Hubbard Butler - in her 80s. I can give you a little about her at this time. She has been in Texas with her family and here until May 1st for her April 30th conferring.

Why labeling it as conferring? For her over the top passions and the love she gives as she serves and will always her actions with the words - Only God and then she smiles. Of all the years, I have known her, I do not recall any negative things from her mouth about anyone it's always - Only God and pray about it.

An awesome woman reaching 70 years, she has lead the 3rd District of the African Methodist Episcopal Connectional Church Lay Organization to great heights. As a member of the lay organization she has held leader roles for years and was always re installed to her positions by the Bishops because of her outstanding relationships, dependable, reliable and measurable successes.

The lay organization is the social action of the church started over 100 years ago by a church member Professor Reuben J. Gardner. Whatever the issues of our community Leona was the front runner for the St. James AME, 3rd District and the Connectional Church traveling extensively from church to church community to community, many times using her own funds. Voting, which she was a leader with democratic party, health, education and welfare of the people. Bringing together church members, citizens, ministers, political leaders and more to address social concerns.

In addition, she held one of the highest positions for women and blacks for the US Postal Service in this area, which she had to travel miles upon miles to visit post offices. Then, she also held a number of positions within the Order of the Eastern Star and the Prince Hall Family of the 1st District.

She has guided and directed me to strive to be the leader that she has been for our church. I serve as the president of the lay at our church and Director of Public Relations for our church district.

This event is Sunday, April 30, 2017.


Dr. Gwen Jarvis
Uncrowned Queen 2009 and thanks for the unavailing. It has been a joyful and wonderful journey.