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Laura Davis Jackson

Born on 9-23-1946. She was born in Buffalo, NY.
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Laura (Davis) Jackson Laura Davis, born in Buffalo New York September 23, 1946 raised in Willert Park and Cold Spring sections of the city. Attending schools 31, 17, Lafayette High School, graduating from East High School and Kensington Business Schools. Laura pursued a degree from University of New York At Buffalo majoring in Child and Adolescent Behavior. The oldest of five children, Laura has always been a mentor, was always vocal about the injustice to children's welfare. An avid reader and creative miter throughout her life, Laura is known for her motivational Presentations on violence and her consistent ability to engage people of the races to rally around and bring ideas to fruition to benefit the welfare of children.

The mother of six children and grandmother to six. Outspoken advocate for children, youth and families for the past 10 years regarding the violence in Buffalo A strong leader in the abolishment of guns in or community. Laura's expertise is not from school, or reading. Having suffered the lost of two sons six weeks apart in 1991 Laura knows first hand the ills that families suffer after the loss of a child.

Laura Davis Jackson, supporting children and families who have experienced violence in their personal life.

On August 10, 1991, a person wielding and assault weapon gunned down her son Torriano Orlandis Jackson. Her second son was critically wounded during the same horrific event.

Devoting herself to working against violence and the propitiation of guns in communities. Laura has been an active speaker on this topic throughout Western New York and the Washington D.C. area.

Founder and Executive Director of the DEATH organization (Dealing Effectively After The Homicide). Laura implemented the Common Ground Exhibit in 1996, A traveling exhibit that took a year to design with the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society and funded by the Buffalo and Erie County United Way.

Common Ground is Torriano's story. A moving, heart warming exhibit that put the "face" on violence and turned the tides of violence in Buffalo, New York. Laura Jackson has kept the trauma survivors deal with in focus, to bring about change, projects, and programs because violence is a public health issue.

Director of the Student Action Phone in collaboration with the Buffalo Board of Education. A crisis telephone manned by parents that are trained to assist students with problems influencing their quality of life. Implementing the Toy Gun Buy Back project in Buffalo. To warn children about the dangers of guns, while increasing their awareness of the dangers in the community and the need to focus an education. Supported by the City of Buffalo, Buffalo Teachers Federation, Buffalo Weed and Seed, Chase Manhattan Bank, Kensington Bailey Community Center and the Western New York Peace Center. The program has grown larger for the past three years serving over 4 to 5 hundred children each year. The motto being Education is the Key to Non Violence.

Laura has excelled in speaking and embracing audiences across cultural boundaries. Consulting with other professionals in her field, that handle patients affected by trauma, she has become ingenious in dealing with families and children affected by trauma when it is a homicide. Many projects have become successful because her personal experience kept Laura in the forefront as the exceptional Mother with stentorian voice. Outspoken on violent issues and conditions that affect survivors, Laura has changed the life and thought process of many that have heard her speak.

Employed as an interviewer for the Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census since 1984. Laura quit her full time employment and has maintained a part time schedule since the death of her son, working one week a month so she could be available to the community.

Laura has many credits in the community for non-violence. Included here but not limited to the following:

- Orleans Correctional Facility Volunteer - Cable Television Cart TV - Hope House - United Way Task Force on Violence and Early Childhood - United Way of Buffalo and Erie County Board of Directors - United Way One Person Award - Member Advisory Committee To Commissioner of Police Buffalo - Member of Childhood Youth Violence Coalition - Children's Hospital Buffalo - Member University of Buffalo Community initiative - Member of Violent Crimes Committee Mary Lou Rath - WNED Television Commercial - President of University Block Club Council - African American Police Community Service Award - Clifford Bell Community Service Award

- Crime Reduction Award - Buffalo Public Schools Parent Leader Award - All American Award - African American Leadership Award - Anti Violence Trainer - Organizer for Silent March Buffalo - Juneteenth Education Committee - Board of Education Parent Leadership Committee - Westminister School PTA - YWCA Week Without Violence Committee - Kensington Bailey Board of Directors - Board of Education Parent Leader - Clarion Anti Violence Committee Media - Common Council Task Force Violent Crimes - University District Grief Consultant - Corporate Member of Kensington Bailey Housing Services - Thatcher Avenue Block Club Member - Kensington Bailey Community Center Building Chair - Burgard Vocational High School Step Team instructor - Crusaders Drill Team Advisor - Anti Violence Presenter Teachers Compact Day Buffalo & Amherst - Keynote Speaker for Syracuse Peace Center Awards - Weston New York Peace Center - Family Wellness Squad WNED - Planned Parenthood Buffalo - Buffalo Municipal Housing Violence Conference - Children and Family Services New York State - Center for the Stabilization of the Blade Family Niagara University Conference - Buffalo State College School of Social Work - Neighborhood Based Alliance - Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic Church Wen Group - Boys and Girls Clubs of Buffalo

- United Way Leadership Day - Am Buffalo Death of Rap Personalities - AM Buffalo Assault Weapons - AM Buffalo Motel Williams - Anti Violence Project Buffalo Detention Centers - Erie County Nurses Compact Day - Health Care And Violence Toronto, Canada - Canisius College Non Violence Conference - Buffalo Public Schools Convention - New York State PTA District Convention - Cradle Beach in Service for Volunteers - Senator Nanula Block Club Conference - Buffalo General Hospital in Service - Trainer Americorp Volunteers, Washington D.C Conference - Member Stop Gun Violence - Non-violent educator for mentally challenged students - Speaker for Children's Hospital 6th symposium on Violenc - Keynote Speaker Victim Awareness Conference, Rochester, New York - President / Chair of Kensington Bailey Community Center - President of University Block Club Council - Board Member of Attorney Generals Elliot Spitzers Crime Victims Board - Board Member of the United Way of Buffalo and Erie County - Board Member of Juneteenth Festivals - Member of the Project Exile committee with U.S. Attorney Denise O'Donnell.