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Georgie Stokes Walker

Born on 2-20-1924. She was born in Calhoun Falls, SC. She was accomplished in the area of Community. She later died on 3-21-2020.
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Georgie Stokes Walker, the only child of Lucille Lee Stokes and the late James Stokes, was born February 20, 1924 in Calhoun Falls , South Carolina .

She was brought to Buffalo , New York at three months of age and attended Buffalo Schools until age 17 when she left Hutchinson Central.

In 1941, Georgie was the first African-American hired at Loonsk Dry Cleaners to work at the counter. During the war she worked on the line at Bell Aerospace and continued at Loonsk on a part time basis.

In 1942 she wrote a letter to the Editor urging employers to hire African American women in the plants to also assist in the war effort.

On July 8, 1943 she married the late Samuel Walker while he was serving in the United States Army at Fort Benning , Ga. They were blessed to spend 57 years together.

Georgie focused her energies on being a mother to her three children, Sandra, Samuel and Sonia. She provided educational and enrichment activities for their development into productive citizens. She believed in modeling the ideals she taught.

In 1957, Georgie returned to the work force and was the first African American counter girl at Martinizing Cleaners on Kenmore Ave. Martinizing Cleaners was later purchased by Cadet Cleaners and she was hired by Cadet as their first African American counter girl.

On April 4, 1954 she became a confirmed member of the Lutheran Church of Our Savior. She was a member of the Ladies Missionary League until 1961. She is still a member of the Ladies Aide, where she served as president and treasurer. Georgie taught Sunday school for over 20 years for a class of 3 and 4 year olds starting in 1976. Currently, she is the secretary to the Lutheran Church of Our Savior Memorial Fund Endowment Fund. In 1980 she received a Certificate of Recognition of her service to the Sunday School and in 1993 she received the Philip Melanchthon Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service.

Georgie's service to the community was not limited to the church. She was an inspector for the Board of Elections for many years. She was a member of the Board of Trustee's for the Buffalo Community Development Organization (BCDO) whose purpose was the development of housing and the improvement of the Masten District. The BCDO later came under the umbrella of the Buffalo Triad Housing Programs, Inc. Georgie was a Charter Member of the Board of Directors of the Triad Board. Under their leadership the first new houses were built on Masten Avenue . On July 11, 1986 she was awarded a certificate for her service to the board, community and the city of Buffalo .

Family, friends, community and service have been her focus throughout all these years. She has had a tremendous influence on her three children, four grandchildren, three great-grandsons and great- granddaughter. In the family she is known as the 'peacemaker.' Georgie attributes anything she has accomplished to her love of God and the blessings she has received from Him.