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Era Robinson Holmes

Born on 9-9-1904. She was born in Pittsburgh, TX.
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Era Holmes was born in Pittsburgh, Texas on September 9, 1904, to Ben and Ida Craig Robinson. When Era was six years old the family moved to Oklahoma City. Era Holmes, attended Archie Park Elementary School, and Douglass Junior and Senior High School. After completing her junior year in 1920 at Douglass, Era was eligible to attend Jarvis Christian Institute (JCI) in Hawkins, Texas. Because of limited spending money and the long distance from home, she did not go home for five semesters.

This most attractive, personable teenager, became a work student at JCI which meant she took classes in the evening and worked on campus during the day her first year. The following years she was an active member of the school choir. While home for the summer and her last year at Jarvis, Era met and later married John B. Holmes on December 23, 1924. To this union two children were born, Helen M. Holmes and Carl Holmes.

Era Holmes became a member of the NAACP in 1927. In 1929 she volunteered to assist the secretary with typing and gathering data for the membership. Era later became the Chapter's secretary in the late 1930s. She worked the national conventions and assisted the national secretary in typing reports, newsletters and speeches. Era, received the Roy Wilkins Medallion for soliciting and writing two thousand members for
the NAACP. She received the Benjamin Hooks Medallion for spearheading the largest chapter membership drive and the "Life Membership Award". Era has served as a Life membership Secretary, worked with five local presidents and was the secretary for a period of forty years.

Era Holmes became involved with the "Civil Rights Movement" before there were Civil Rights Movements. In the early thirty's Era Holmes was one of the founders of the West Side Civic League (a neighborhood ward). For her years of service with the NAACP and the Civil Rights Movements, Era's picture is engraved on the Black History Monument in front of the Freedom Center's Building on Martin Luther King Boulevard.

She has also received the Black Heritage Award from the Eta Phi Beta Sorority and the Outstanding Service Award from the NAACP. On September 9, 1994, Era Holmes was Honorary Mayor of Oklahoma City. On May 5, 2001, at Jarvis Christian College in Hawkins, Texas, Era Holmes was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree, at the age of 97, by Dr. Sebetha Jenkins, the College's President.

Era Holmes is a very active member of the East Six Street Christian Church. In the early years of Era's life she had seen women cooking and selling dinners to purchase the land to build the East Six Christian Church. She was the church secretary of the board, a member of the Christian National State Youth Worker, and since 1958, was chairperson for the National Church Work Committee. Currently, she is a Deaconess of East Six Street Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), a faithful Sunday school student when her health permits, and the oldest mother of the congregation.

Era loved sports. In earlier years she and her husband John use to play competitive tennis. Now she enjoys watching tennis matches on television. Era also can give extensive sports commentary on football, baseball, basketball and of course wrestling.

Era's true love is fishing. She is an accomplished deep-sea fisher person and has hooked salmon, trout and a shark when deep-sea fishing with her grandson. Her Granddaughter Carla entered her in the Buddy Bass Tournament in Table Rock Lake, Missouri where she was given "The Oldest Fisherman Award". She was one of the only women in the competition. Her sportsmanship and winning smile make Era the hit of the tournament!

These are just a few of Era's wonderful qualities that have endeared her throughout her life.