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Dodo Dorothea Hawkins Greene

Born on 1-18-1924. She was born in Buffalo, NY. She later died on 7-21-2006.
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Her birth name is Dorthea Hawkins, but she has been known as Dodo since she was a teenager. A Buffalo native, Dorthea "Dodo" Greene began singing at age 7 or 8 when she was chosen for recurrent appearances on the Buster Brown Shoes Amateur Hour radio program. She acknowledges being a frequent winner on the show and being rewarded with shoes for herself and her family. Dodo's talent was natured by a local music teacher and became one of "Miss Margaret Scott's Personality Steppers." Thanks to these experiences and her own talent, she was smitten by the show business bug. At age 77 she is still performing.

Dodo's family was a musical one. Her brothers were both musicians. James Hawkins was a drummer and Sonny Hawkins was a well-known local saxophone player. Her sister Alice was a dancer, but did not pursue a career in that field. Dodo's musical career did not begin in earnest until the late 40's. She said she got her first big singing job at the Club Moon-Glow, a nightclub at Michigan and William Street. She also sang at other local clubs on the eastside and the Cold Springs district, including The Musician's Club, The Buffalo Club, the Pine Grill, Mandy's and the Little Harlem.

In 1959 Dodo left Buffalo for New York City. In 1960 she joined Cab Calloway's Broadway production of "Cotton Comes to Harlem" at the Wintergarden Theatre. Dodo became known at that time as the "buxom blues singer". It was also about this time that she perfected a Louie Armstrong imitation, including his trademark throaty growl and hanky and adopted her trademark bleached blonde hairstyle. She still performs the Armstrong tribute in her act to this day.

From her New York base, Dodo performed in the Catskill's resort area, New York City clubs and eventually toured Europe. She recorded an album with Blue Note Records as the first female singer to record with that label. The album "My Hour of Need" is still available in CD form. She returned to Buffalo with plans to retire at age 60. However friends convinced her to get back on stage and she began singing again at clubs such as the Blue Note and the Calumet Cafe.

Dodo is the proud mother of two sons. Sadly, both are deceased. She is proud of her sons and of their accomplishments and support for her career. She states that they are her inspiration and she feels their presence when she sings.

In 1997 Dodo was honored in Buffalo's Hall of Fame, along with music great Harold Arlen. Dodo Greene continues to perform weekends at the Anchor Bar. In a September 2002 interview with the Buffalo News, she described a recent performance; "I have a closing number that I sing, and I do a burlesque, When You're Smiling. I do it with a handkerchief and a little Satchmo. The other night, I was out of the building, and they were still applauding. I had to go back." Ms. Greene is a woman of great talent, boundless energy and an indomitable spirit who continues to "wow" her audiences.