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Andrae Kamoche

He is accomplished in the area of Religion.
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Andrae and Sharifah Kamoche are the senior pastors of Rehoboth House of Prayer. These pastors exemplify the life and love of Jesus Christ our savior. Their down-to-earth, fun, real, and transparent style of teaching has aided numerous individuals in both their spiritual and natural lives.
They have lived a life of mirroring the testimony that "we are the hands that God uses to help someone else". They have opened their hearts, life, and home to many in need following the scriptures; "I was naked, and you clothed me, I was sick, and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me..."
Pastor Andrae and Sharifah are the proud parents of 4-children and many others that are called sons and daughters. Although the two met in high school in the early 90's they didn't start working in ministry together until they married in 1999. Their goal and motto have always been to assist anyone, everyone, out of their hard place and lead that person towards the question of "what must I do to be saved"!

As Pastors of Rehoboth House of Prayer, Andrae and Sharifah Kamoche have vowed to continue to live a life out loud while leading others towards Christ, enhancing the Kingdom, and empowering others to go out and preach the Gospel. Our Pastors are passionate and have devoted their lives to advancing the Kingdom of God.