Uncrownedqueens © March 13, 2002
by Shirley Sarmiento

To my wonderful marvelous sister's
Sure it's been tough, it's been hard and it's been long
but, somehow we made it
There's been ups and there's been downs and sometimes it's
been all the way around.

It's been hell and it's been heaven, and yet we made it anyhow
It's been some crying and it's been some dying and we still made it

Building one by one, piece by piece, step by step, and brick by brick.
Together building a new tomorrow and forgetting about the yesterdays.
We are building a new nature of the heart and of the soul and of the
mind. Beautiful, marvelous, Black women wonderful uncrownedqueens. So
don't ever think that your work has all been in vain, because it is
not. Your work has not gone unnoticed. Might not know each other's
names, but your faces out in the community everyday working for change,
working for hope I/we salute you. We love you and appreciate you for
jobs well done and making our lives better.

Marvelous, beautiful uncrownedqueens......
I thank you...