Steve’s Girls
By Georgia Burnette

My cousin Steve has two little girls
Cute as a bug, and as lovely as pearls
They’re lively and happy and usually quite neat
They’re jolly and silly and just fun to meet
Those two little girls with their long lovely curls

My cousin Steve has another young girl
She’s growing up fast, that pearl of a girl
She’s lovely and quiet, you’ll love her too
This cute young girl, moving out into the world

My cousin Steve has a very pretty wife,
She’s loving and caring, talented and bright
Works wonders with crafts, flower gardens and such
And when you meet her, you’ll love her so much
For that wonderful mother has just the right touch
With those three lovely girls, they’re the best in the world!

My cousin Steve is a wonderful guy
He gifted in ways that would make you sigh
He’s carpenter, mechanic, electrician and cook
And he learned it all without a book!

But I hope Steve knows that in all this wide world
He’s so fortunate to have all those wonderful girls
They’re growing up fast and will soon go away
So enjoy them now while you can
They won’t be around to sing funny songs
Cause before you know it, they’ll be married and gone
Those three lovely girls, as lovely as pearls.

Nicole Mackie Melaine Mackey

This poem was written to honor my favorite first cousin, Steven Mackie.
His lovely girls are now 18+ years old, residing throughout the country: Melaine in Hawaii, Nicole in Arizona and the eldest, Stephanie in South Carolina.

Mackie family in 1991

Stephanie, standing
Steve Mackie and wife Marian
Steve holding baby Nicole


Nicole (left) and Melaine

Nicole (left) and Melaine