A Soul's Reunion © 2002
by Virginia Batchelor, Ph.D.

In the still of the night
at the foot of my mother's bed,
together we planned a soul's reunion
of both the living and the dead.
A reunion of souls from the past,
who with the present souls will unite,
to celebrate the spirit of freedom,
a negotiated right.
Oh glorious ancestors, Black, White and Red,
we honor your spirits,
your dreams are not dead.
We stand by your hopes,
all of which is in the creator and sovereign's hand.
We ask for the healing of the enslaved,
and the enslaved minds throughout the land.
On this day
I'll become who I was in the past,
to celebrate a reunion of the souls,
so that in the future, our freedom will last.

In memory of September 11, 2001
First Officer Leroy Homer -- Shanksville PA Crash
Flight Attendant Wanda Green, Shanksville, PA Crash
Janice M. Scott -- Pentagon