OK/A'ight/Move On-2 © December 7, 2003
by Malika Halima Amada (vonetta t. rhodes)


you will be alright.
i watch you,
showcasing your beauty as a badge of pride.
i know that your backside
has been used as a ladder or doormat.
i know that
your eyes were made to see
the destruction of the Black Family,
but we will rise again.
we've got to hold on,
keep believing that love is out there,
and our bodies are electric conduits of peace.
Our bodies are bread and wine
the sweet feast,
that symbolize the eternity of humanity.
Hold on Sistah,
maintain your glory and vanity.
He will be along soon,
but in the meantime our spirits require us
to be souljahs of our wombs,
defending the sacredness of our hearts,
vigilant against First Class Wrecking Crews that come and try to spark
a break up of all of hard-earned womyn edification.
Brick-house brown bodies
are the solid foundation of our nation.
We are such a variety,
see, we
are the propriety of God.
i know that you are hurting
so rip open your soul,
and let the tears flow on.
Bathe yourself in your own sacred serum of truth,
drink your love elixir,
reminisce on the hard lessons learned in your earlier youth,
and don't let go.
Sister, hold on.
cuz i know.
that your were Black Government
and gave him love, money, spirit, nation, body, and land,
but another man has left you again.
Still hold on.
i know you cling to freedom, justice, and equality,
but you nurse your wounds all by your lonely,
Just keep on.
i know your voluptuous body is a gift from God,
and every movement makes men sing praises,
still Sister, stand you got to stand strong.
i know welfare line love is a vehicle designed
to destroy the pride
and regality of Black Sisters,
but keep on.
i know that when he goes to sleep after making love
you quietly cry
from the emptiness of the gash he left inside.
Just hold on.
God is here.
Life is coming.
Love in on the way.
Spirit is ever present.
Sun is every day.
i can't guarantee no more tears,
but i can guarantee the pain won't stay.
Trouble don't last always, i say,
but it hurts too much and so bad,
that sometimes we can't see past what we already had.
Hold on,
keep on,
Sister, it's ok, a'ight to move on.