Ode to Moving
by Georgia Burnette

Boxes, boxes everywhere
I ‘m sure I'm going to smother
Oh these boxes everywhere
I surely won't recover!

There's stuff in boxes everywhere
They surely are a jinx
I must get of them very, very soon because,
They're driving me to drink!


            My short "Ode to Moving" was born of frustration with unpacking and finding space      for the remainder of our life's possessions, after giving practically everything away to children, family and friends.

            Our thirty-five plus years in a home with three bedrooms, two baths and a large basement outfitted with wall-to-wall storage cabinets must now be re-arranged what appears to be   adequate space, but it is a challenge!

              Nevertheless, we love our new, patio home in the independent living section of an  Elderwood Continuing Care community in Wheatfield, NY.
             Go to www.elderwood.com and click on Independent Lining, then Crestwood  Commons.  That’s us.

            We are elder seniors, 80 and 79 respectively, in relatively good health, and continue to      lead interesting, active lives. This organization met our housing needs, and living in a health care community is a plus, considering our ages.

© Aug  2007


Published in Reporters’ Notebook, the Buffalo News, August, 2007