“What an evening it was hearing Dr. Lonnie Smith for the first time in my life. One friend warned me that it would be an intimate setting . As we listened to this wonder , she used the word passionate. My writing comes from what I witnessed in Dr. Smith's facial expression..”  Allie

The Many Faces Of Music

Smooth,Soothing, Crashing, Healing
Dr, Lonnie Smith , swift as an eagle
Smooth as a flowing scream
Focused on mean, scary world scene
Exuding sexual passion , hiding ,riding
the crest , extensive happiness

Sadness, madness ,elusive , thundering
Anger producing , moving towards grooving
Troubles blooming
Weeping in the night , joy with the morning light
Loudly extolling , singing , playing it
to the max
Waxing in the love
Oh Lord ,  touching down ,taking you around and around
Finally shifting ground, lifting to the heights
Dr. Smith made love with his music
Smoothing , cooling ,crashing, healing, moving
Making it right !

allie 2008