Crowned by Queens
by Allie Freeman November 2007

Uncrowned now crowned by queens
Wearing it proudly looking back at times when life was unstable
We always knew that God was able
Man wore thin but the Almighty showed us that we could win
Along came two queens
Giving us the means to look beyond ourselves
to see beauty to see talent

Bright stars with much intelligence
Realizing dreams of women who walked with dignity and poise
Allowing the world to see the gift of life in you and in me
Creating pieces in the universe
Wearing their crowns though uncrowned
Just look at the hidden genius that has arisen
Now crowned

Lovely women, beautiful souls,
solidly bound by life
Bold, blessed as they progress showing that we are a treasure chest
History rests with us all
Thanks to you Drs. Bertram and Nevergold
Our stories can now be told
Legacies can be passed onto our young ones
Let them see all the greatness that flows from you, from me
All of the uncrowned queens are now crowned
Let us go on and be all that we can be.