The Crown of Friendship
By Georgia Burnette

Picture of a crownWe’ve lost another friend.
Another jewel in the Crown of Friendship has passed away,
But look close by, the gem has not fallen far
It rests around the crown with those who have gone before.

As another moves on, each jewel is carefully placed in a small vessel around the crown
Lest others forget that we were once a part of that circle of life.

Our friends of long ago are waiting by the gate,
Waiting to welcome another of the group who grew up together
 On the streets east of Jefferson Avenue, in Buffalo, NY.

We met as youngsters in the 30’s and 40’s, warmly welcoming others to the clan
When they moved onto our street(s)
We played the games of yesteryear: jacks, marbles, kick the can, hide-and-seek,
We rode on wooden scooters; two pieces of scrap-wood
Nailed together, with an old roller skate for wheels, and a stick for the handle.
Of course we had to be home when the street lights came on,
in the yard or on the porch.
Woe be to those who broke those cardinal rules, for punishment was a certainty!

When there was enough money, we found our way to the Garden of Sweets for ice cream, coconut suckers or candy of infinite varieties
We saw double features at the movies for ten cents, bought a nickel bag of popcorn, and penny candy with the few cents we might have left

We wore our “good” clothes to church on Sunday, had dinner with the family then hit the streets to play for the rest of the day, or,
Joined our church friends again at 6:00 for BYPU.

We ate what was put in front of us, did our chores as directed, got the best grades in school that we could manage, and as we grew older, found part-time jobs to help out.

We dated and we married, some moved away, but most tried to keep in touch
If not with everyone, with enough someones who kept in touch with others
so the circle wasn’t broken

Our children grew up, and we grew older,
We’re all now retired, enjoying our last years as much as possible
in sickness and in health

Our friends await us by that fine point of light
Which broadens into a bright ray of sunshine
 They wait until our time,
 When we, too will become one of the jewels which surround that Crown of Friendship


            This poem was written a few days ago (April 22) following the death of a very old and dear friend from the 1940’s. It speaks to the fun times we had as children growing up on the east side   of Buffalo during and immediately after the Great Depression.


© 2008 Georgia Burnette