The Brown Eyed Girls © 2004
by Joan Papalia Eisert

Turn on the TV, what do you see
Another beautiful blue-eyed blonde snatched from her family
Is it epidemic all these golden angels in dire conditions
Or is it you especially caring for those girls' privileged positions

Her mother and father, wide eyed and terrorized
Tearfully pleading for your help--never wanting to be this scrutinized
Standing in front of their upscale home in their gated American Dream
Makes good news footage, makes you want to join their search team

But what about the stories of the missing brown eyed girls
The ones that won't be aired
Who will scour their neighborhoods
Looking for the ones with dark or nappy hair
Who will cry for the brown eyed girls
whose mothers don't wear designer clothes or drive SUVs
The talking heads can't report on what they choose not to see

  Listen, listen, listen, please    
  When you turn away from the brown eyed girls
  you turn away from God by leaving them in need

I pray you do adjust your set, my friends, there is something very wrong
Come down from your ivory towers -- won't you see we all belong?
When you put limits on your care and concern we all lose a piece of our dignity
Dig down deep for your goodness, don't let your fear take hold of your integrity

  Oh, what about the brown eyed girls
  Who will cry for the brown eyed girls
  Who will look for the brown eyed girls
  What about the brown eyed girls