Bertha Hall Amos: 100 Years Famous © October 5, 2005
by Sharon R. Amos

Years of separate white and colored facilities

Life before NBC and burgers and fries at Mickey D's

Cotton was king and the pay was low

Times were hard, but where could one go?

A wife and a mother with a sister and brother

A journey up North to paradise

To a city with winters of snow and ice

Nothing too hard, nothing undone

She tackled it all and with God it was done

Owning houses and land and then at God's command

Work on a church began

A kind heart and strong constitution

For every problem she saw a solution

She helped the needy and showed them a way

To see the dawn of better days

Now on others she must depend

Still her life's work goes on through family and friends.

100 years of knowledge and wisdom; 100 years on God's earthly kingdom

36,500 days, 1,200 months, 10 decades, 5 score, one century

Happy Birthday, Big Granny

October 5, 2003