Ashe to the Mother © 2002
by Malika Halima Amada (vonetta t. rhodes) 

did you know that we go back, 
300,000 years? 
Beyond the recorded beginnings of humanity, 
beyond blood, sweat, and tears. 
celebrate your birthday 
you are 300,000 years old today. 
Mother of the Universe. 
Queen of the Planet Earth. 
Mistress to the reasons 
of all times 
and all seasons. 
you are the One. 
Lunar cycle based on your menstruation, 
birth to families, villages, and nations. 
Lover of the children of Creation. 
It was you 
who mothered 
the forefathers of all Nations. 
you are more than 300,000 years old today. 
i close my eyes 
and thank the great Blackness when i pray. 
i walk with the same strands of DNA 
that stay 
year after year, 
which means in another 300,000 millennia 
i will still be here. 
They struggle down 
to bleach Mother Afrika 
if they must, 
but my locs are rooted in the ancestor's sacred trust, 
that true regalness 
lies in the beginning of the Black US, 
where my strand is your strand, 
but your strand may not be mine, 
cuz the Afrikan is in the Diaspora 
but also 1 of a kind. 
300,000 years of existence Queen! 
Cast away the ridiculousness of 
and anti-age creams. 
We lived the reality, 
we womb the dream, 
and carry the throne as antiquity's first Queens.