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Samuel Augustus Waddell

Born on 8-27-1884. He was accomplished in the area of Business. He later died on 6-1-1973.
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Samuel Waddell was a member of the founding group that incorporated The Republican Social Club with the State of New York in 1924. The other founders included Harris Rosohoff, David Metlin, Charles Wallens and J.T. Barndell, Jr. The purpose of the club was to advance principles of Republicanism. In the early teens, Waddell worked as a cook on the railroad.

Waddell was an active businessman, who helped to establish one of the earliest real estate brokers serving Buffalo's African American community. In May 1920 he was one of the incorporators of the Buffalo Negro Realty Company. Waddell owned a number of real estate properties that he advertised for rent or sell to Buffalo Blacks. In fact, in one newspaper ad in the Buffalo News, September 14, 1919, Waddell wrote "For quick sale, list with me. Many clients waiting for 2 family houses. Samuel A. Waddell, 425 Michigan, Seneca 3868."

Waddell did not always run a smooth operation. In 1923 he was fined for assault against a tenant who's rent he tried to increase. The 1927 City Directory listed Waddell as the President and Director of the Lake Front Realty Company. Throughout the 1920s and 30s, he continued to manage rental and sales of properties to Black residents of the city. He also is listed as an insurance agency in the Buffalo City Directory.

Waddell was born in British Guiana. He also published the Buffalo American newspaper in 1925. He immigrated to the States in 1910. The 1923 news story regarding his dispute with his tenant listed Waddell's age as 38, which would put his birthyear as 1885.

It's not known when Waddell left Buffalo but by 1942 he was living in Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife Alma. He was working for Supreme Life Insurance Company. Waddell died on June 1, 1973.