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Queen Woods

Born on 3-27-1922. She was born in Tuscaloosa, AL.
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Queen Esther Woods was born March 27, 1922 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She attended Central High School. She arrived in Buffalo in 1942. She is the mother of nine children and attends Mt. Olive Missionary Church in Lackawana where she is President of the Missionary Society. She is also a member of the choir and the Deaconess Board. Reverend Dion Watkins is the Pastor. She has contributed to the community through the Household of Ruth, a citywide agency to care for the hungry and misfortunate. She is also a member of the well-known Eastern Star.

When you talk to Ms. Woods you get a wonderful sense of who she truly is. Ms. Woods is a very special person because she has the ability to give unselfishly. She does this in her daily care and love for Mary Lee Crosby Chappelle whom she lovingly refers to as "Aunt Mary." You have only to witness the tender and soft way she calls her name and the gentle way she brushes her hair from her face or wipes her face from a drink. Together they live in a cozy setting oftentimes with Ms. Chappelle surrounded by important memorabilia from her life of service to the Buffalo community, including lovely photos of her life of continuous community service. Each day, Queen Esther reminds Ms. Chappelle of how wonderful she is. The comfort and care of Ms. Chappelle could not be in more loving hands.

Ms. Chappelle was originally the friend of Queen Esther's mom, Queen Esther is one of those special women who became friends with the friend of her mother. This is a phenomenon that is observed most often between women in the African American community. They continue the chain of friendship. Ms. Woods' mom and Ms. Chappelle are approximately the same age and Ms. Woods told me that "they are competition to see who lives the longest." Ms. Woods's mom will be 100 in June. Both of them have already set a record. Ms. Woods' mom is also here today and we recognize her life of service as well.

Drusilla Dunjee Houston's poem, America's Uncrowned Queens, after whom the Uncrowned Queens Institute is named, wrote about women who should be placed under the Laurel Wreath for their good works. A laurel wreath is a circle of flowers worn on the head to denote a civic crown. Its purpose is to recognize that the person who is wearing it has been victorious as in fulfilling a great civic duty. Clearly Queen Esther Woods wears a Laurel Wreath and she need a "Crown" to go along with it. Queen Esther, we applaud you and salute you for your love and care of Ms. Chappelle, a noted community icon.