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Lillie Ruth Davis Hill

Born on 5-11-1937. She was born in Madison, FL. She was accomplished in the area of Community. She later died on 1-8-2012.
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Lillie Ruth Davis Hill was born May 11, 1937 in Madison, Florida to the late Jake and Lizzie Redley DeLaughter. She was raised on a farm, the youngest in a family of 17 children. Lillie grew up in the church and confessed Jesus Christ as her savior at an early age.

By age 14, she persuaded her parents to allow her to migrate to Cleveland, Ohio, where sister Kizzie and brothers Fred and Amond lived, to complete her education. Supported by her siblings, Lillie studied nursing in high school and participated in Spanish Club, Student Council, and Entertainment Committee. Upon graduation from Glenville High School in 1954, she worked as a licensed practical nurse.

That same year, Lillie met a handsome GI, William L. Davis, Jr., in a city park on the 4th of July. William wooed Lillie and married her in 1955. Their union lasted nearly 50 years until William's passing. Their marriage produced two children: William L. (Billy) Davis, III and Linda Marie. Marriage to William took Lillie across the country and around the world from Texas to Germany, satisfying her sense of adventure and fostering her love for travel. She established lifelong friendships with other military spouses in spite of regular relocations.

After her husband's retirement from the military in 1971, Lillie and her family settled in Niagara Falls, New York. At that point, Lillie had turned in her nurse's cap for the complex world of federal regulations. She became a government employee working first with Niagara County Department of Social Services and then as a Claims Representative for the Social Security Administration (SSA). She retired from SSA in 2003 after nearly 20 years of service and she and William relocated to Tampa, FL where they lived until his death in 2006. Lillie returned to Cleveland, where she reconnected with old friends and acquaintances. Immediately, she was embraced by the Hill family. Lillie found special joy in the companionship of former beau, Farris Hill, Sr., who affectionately called her "Ruth." They were united in a commitment ceremony in August of 2009.

Lillie's Christian upbringing was manifest throughout her life in her philosophy, values, and activities. She was an active member of New Hope Baptist Church while living in Niagara Falls and served as a Deaconess and sang in the Sanctuary Choir.

In Tampa, Lillie became a faithful member of New Hope Baptist Church of Hillsborough County.
During her time in Cleveland, Lille fellow-shipped at Trinity Church in Apple Valley, Howard County, OH, and at Eastview United Church of Christ which she joined in January 2011.

Commonly described as sweet and kind, Lillie personified unconditional love in the relationships most dear to her. Her abundance of personal magnetism and welcoming smile drew friends and admirers from all walks of life. Many were inspired by her ability to make them feel special. Lillie liked being surrounded by clever, interesting people, acquaintances and strangers alike. She was often teased by close friends for being friendly enough to talk to a tree.

While she was a determined, practical idealist on one level, on a deeper level Lillie needed to know that her personal achievements contributed to her community's development. She was an active member of the LINKS Incorporated, a public service organization. While she was not involved in political activities, she was a card carrying member of the Democratic National Committee and felt most rewarded when her humanitarian efforts helped people help themselves.

Lillie was family oriented and included friends within that circle. Blessed with the gift of mercy, she was regarded as a compassionate friend, mentor, and confidante. Not known for impatience, she could not tolerate dwelling on the negative and failing to take action when it was clear that action needed to be taken.

Her favorite pastimes were vacations, working crossword puzzles, and reading. She adored her children. Her favorite food to eat was any type of fish. Although singing was not her forte, she loved gospel music and spirituals and had a hankering for Country & Western.

After a valiant battle with cancer, Lillie departed this life on Sunday, January 8, 2012.