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Ivy Diggs Washington

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"Be the change you want to see happen" encourages Cornell West. The accomplishments of Ivy Diggs Washington exemplifies what can happen when this maxim is taken to heart and put into practice.

Ms. Washington obtained a master's degree while working as a full-time supervisor at Travelers Aid Society. During her 17 year tenure at Traveler's Aid she has helped stabilize the city-wide community by securing shelter for the homeless, referring people to the proper agencies for help, or returning travelers to their homes. Because of her desire to help others, she served as president and board member of HOME (Housing Opportunities Made Equal). Since 2000, she has served as CEO of Kensington Bailey Neighborhood Housing Assistance Center. In this position, she empowers residents to improve their housing and community.

Ivy's community building can be seen in many aspects of her life. She has been the director of the Angel Choir in her church for nearly a decade. In addition, she has participated in the church's food pantry, which entails stocking and dispensing food to the needy once a week.