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Irma Bolden Randolph

She was born in Buffalo, NY. She is accomplished in the area of Business.
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Irma's story is one of a little girl growing up in the city of Buffalo, who as far back as she can remember had a burning love for fashion. It was something that just came naturally to her; a hobby she truly enjoyed. She could take one look at a person and know their style. Better yet she always knew what "look" would be the most flattering for them.

Irma Bolden Randolph is the proprietor of the House of Randolph currently located at 70 Allen Street near Delaware Avenue . The original House of Randolph is located at 325 Tacoma Avenue and was a consignment shop. Mrs. Randolph made the transition from consignment to retail in 1998. The House of Randolph has been in operation for 11 years. Prior to managing the boutique Mrs. Randolph worked for Arcata Graphics for 26 years.

Mrs. Randolph has been active in community outreach especially with The Niagara Frontier Radio Reading Service for the Blind. She served the blind for 5 years as a radio announcer and was active in their telethons on Channel 29.

She has served as a parent aide for P.A.C.E., as a member of the Consumer Advisory Board for The Buffalo General Hospital and as a volunteer for Women for Human Rights and Dignity. Irma has also worked as a reporter for the news pamphlet, The Arcatagraph. She has also been a hostess for Ujima Theater and The Original Kensington Place. In addition Irma had a starting role in the local production of "If You Can't Say Amen Say Ouch", written by, Liston N. Filyaw.

Irma is a member of St. John Baptist Church . She belongs to the Christian Women Fellowship and the prison ministry. Rev. Michael Chapman is her pastor.

Mrs. Randolph holds a certificate in interior decorating from the Jean Eastwood School of Interior Design. She attended The University of Buffalo and Empire State College obtaining a degree in Cultural Studies with a concentration in communications from Empire State College.

Mrs. Randolph received a business award from the Iota Phi Lambda Sorority Inc., Beta Phi Chapter. Also she received an award from the Allentown Community Center for P.A.C.E. for outstanding service. She received a Special Certificate of Appreciation awarded by The Niagara Frontier Radio Reading Service, Inc.

In 2000, Irma's business was given special recognition by Channel 4 Television News reporter Mylous Hairston, during The Allentown Art Festival. Also in 2000 The House of Randolph was featured as Business of the week in The Challenger. In 2003 The Buffalo Evening News Special Edition prospectus did a feature story on The House of Randolph. In January 2005, fashions from the House of Randolph were displayed on AM Buffalo, a morning television variety show.

Irma has traveled extensively throughout the United States and abroad. One of her most memorable trips was to Jerusalem with the late Rev. Dr. Bennett W. Smith, pastor of St. John Baptist Church . She has also taken trips to Hawaii , Aruba , Acapulco , Maui , and St. Thomas .

Irma is married to Noah Edward Randolph the proprietor of F&W Electric. They are the proud parents of Kevin, Karina, and Keith. They also have three grandchildren, Quinton, Patrick and Jordan of whom they are very proud. Irma says that her life is guided by the scripture, particularly, Phil. 4:13 , "I can do all things through Christ which strengthened me."